Welcome to the Epperson Lab!

Epperson Lab Fall 2023

**Dr. Epperson is admitting graduate students in Health Psychology for Fall 2024. **

Using health behavior theory and a community-engaged approach, our lab focuses on the following:

  • Targeted health behavior interventions
  • Developing community-driven strategies
  • Social and cultural factors associated with health perceptions and behaviors
  • Health disparities, with a focus on American Indians/Alaska Natives (also referred to as Indigenous/Native Americans), adolescents, and those living in rural communities
  • Vaccine confidence and uptake
  • Substance use (e.g., commercial tobacco and cannabis use)

Recent Publications

Epperson, A.E., Carson, S., Garcia, A., Casillas, A., Castellon-Lopez, Y., Brown, A.F., & Garrison, N.A. (accepted). A qualitative study of COVID-19 vaccine decision making among urban Native Americans. Vaccine: X.

Epperson, A.E., & Prochaska, J.J. (accepted). Native Owned and Grown or Demeaning and Offensive? American Indian Adults’ Perspectives on Natural American Spirit Branded Cigarettes. Tobacco Control.

Temourian, A.A., Song, A.V., Halliday, D.M., Gonzalez, M., Epperson, A.E. (accepted). Why do smokers use e-cigarettes? A study on reasons among dual users. Preventive Medicine Reports.

Gaiha, S. M., Epperson, A. E., & Halpern-Felsher, B. (2022). Youth perceptions of e-cigarette-related risk of lung issues and association with e-cigarette use. Health Psychology, 41(6), 417–422. https://doi.org/10.1037/hea0001146