Sociology is the perfect career for me because it combines my passions of mathematics and awareness of social inequalities. I accidently stumbled into a sociology class during my first term of college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The thirst of expanding my sociological imagination led me to take more sociology courses, and eventually, go to graduate school for sociology at the University of Oregon. Throughout my career, I have learned I can make the invisible linkages in society visible with statistics and mathematics.

I use and teach statistics for social justice and the public good. This means to make statistics accessible through teaching and research by breaking down “complicated” mathematical jargon. To reflect critically on the categories and models by thinking: “How can we complement social theories with our methods?”.

Research Interests

My areas of expertise are environmental sociology, environmental justice, and quantitative methodology. In my research I address the question: How do environmental problems and social inequalities reinforce each other?

Teaching Interests

I am passionate about teaching because it is an opportunity to expand/re-think traditional sociological canopies and be creative in the classroom.


Outside of working on research projects and teaching curriculum, I love spending time with my family and my partner.