Jeffery Jenkins Jeffrey Jenkins is an Assistant Professor of Parks and Protected Areas in the Department of Management of Complex Systems at University of California, Merced. Dr. Jenkins’ work broadly addresses the connections between parks, people, and changing environmental conditions. His studies in the Sierra Nevada reveal the interdependencies between these domains through consideration of the efficacy of use limits and visitor use management strategies, coordination with regional planning and gateway communities, and adaptive management of visitation given climatic hazards, including wildland fire and prolonged drought conditions. He works with managers from the NPS, USFS, and BLM on projects in front country and wilderness settings, as well as with various NGO and community organizations. Dr. Jenkins has also worked extensively throughout Latin America on topics related to rural development, conservation, and ecotourism that interface with protected areas. 

Recent Publications

Jenkins, J. (2022). Science and the evolving management of environmental hazards at Yosemite National Park. Parks Stewardship Forum, 38(3).

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