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Christina Bui-Thach

Undergraduate researcher [Junior]

Christina is interested in pursuing a career in research, and is very interested in immunology and CD8 T cell responses!

Neel Kaushik

Undergaduate researcher [Senior]

Neel has been busy editing Toxoplasma genes and infecting wild-derived mice. He is interested in host-pathogen interactions and a future career in medicine.

Safuwra Wizzard

'19-'20 Graduate School UT Southwestern

Safuwra was an undergraduate researcher and a budding young immunologist in the Jensen lab. She is pursuing her Ph.D. at UT Southwestern. She joined the lab in June 2019.

Arlon Wizzard

21'-23', Undergaduate researcher

Arlon worked on immune parameters discovered from the collaborative cross that may lead to better understanding of protective vaccines for parasites. Yes, this is the second Wizzard that has graced...

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Cienna Vongsa

'20-'21 Undergaduate researcher

Cienna will be joining the lab in the Fall of 2021 and looking to gain experience in immunology.

Tina Truong

’15-’16 UC Davis Graduate School

Tina served as a technician for a year as she applied to Ph.D. graduate schools. She is currently at UC Davis finishing up her Ph.D.

Rachel Szymanski

'21-'23 Undergaduate researcher, Research Associate I, Metagenomi

With ambitions to enter industry, Rachel probed the humoral response to GPI anchored proteins on the parasite.

Felipe Rodriguez

'17-'20 UC Davis Graduate School

Felipe was a UC Leads scholar, former undergraduate researcher in my lab and went on to work in my lab for an additional year as a mentored research associate (via an NIH supplemental request to...

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Jasmine Possada

'20-'22, UC Irvine Graduate School

Jasmine Possada was a former undergraduate researcher and UC LEADs scholar, who went on to work with us as a mentored Senior Research Associate-1. Jasmine researched the GPI anchor of T. gondii and...

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Sahil Malhi

Undergaduate researcher [Senior]

Sahil brings his enthusiasm to research aspects of the GPI anchor of Toxoplasma gondii.

Brandon Justice

’15-’17 Caribou Biosciences

Brandon was an undergraduate researcher in my lab using CRISPR to edit all sorts of genes.

Alex Jeronimo


Alex is interested in all things immunology and B cells.

Jennifer Eggleston

'19-'21 Lab Assistant, LakePharma, Inc.

Undergraduate researcher, Jennifer Eggleston, is looking forward to pursing research in the fields of immunology and microbiology.

Anh Diep

’15-’17, California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Policy Fellow

As an undergraduate researcher, Anh probed the function of T. gondii ASP5 in relation to CD8 T cell activation to the parasite.

Andrew Curd

’16-’17 Research Associate, Vera Therapeutics, Inc

Andrew worked on T cell exhaustion in mouse models of T. gondii infection as an undergraduate researcher in the Jensen lab.

Bryan Castellanos

’15-’17 Cell Biologist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bryan was one of my first undergraduates to join the lab. He is now in industry!

Ahmadzakaria Arjmand

22'-23', Undergaduate researcher

Ahmadzakaria is interested in CD8 T cell responses to T. gondii infection.