Measurement Theory and Psychometrics (PSY205), University of California, Merced, Graduate-level, 2019-present

Item Response Theory (PSY210), University of California, Merced, Graduate-level, 2019-present

Analysis of Psychological Data (PSY010), University of California, Merced, Undergraduate-level, 2018-present

Quantitative Foundations of Educational Research, Minzu University of China, Graduate-level, 2015


"Rating Scale Design and Analysis: Theories and Applications”

Full-day workshop at the University of California, Merced, Oct. 2021

“Psychological Test Design and Analysis”

Invited Seminar hosted by Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, Apr. 2021

“The Design, Development, and Delivery of Medical Tests”

Seminar jointly hosted by the Institute of Medical Education, Peking University and the National Medical Education Center, Beijing, China, Dec. 2020

"The Cycle of Operational Testing”

Washington State University, Seminar in Educational Psychology, ED_PSY574, Nov. 2019

Introduction to Measurement” (annually present)

University of California, Merced, Professional Seminar, PSY200A, 2018-present

"Introduction to Visualizing Analytics: How Visualizing Data Can Enhance Analytical Techniques"

Annual meeting of the Florida Educational Research Association in Cocoa Beach, FL., Nov. 2017