Dasbiswas Lab

BioSoft Physics Theory

5200 N. Lake Road Merced, CA 95343
ACS Bldg. 266

Welcome to the Dasbiswas group page!
We are a Physics theory group working on mechanobiology (cell and tissue mechanics) and active matter. 
A general theme in all our projects is to understand how active mechanical forces (typically generated by molecular motors) drive the self-organization of living matter in a noisy environment. We typically use a combination of simple physical model-building, computer simulations and analysis of experimental data to achieve these aims. We are very much motivated by the old condensed matter maxim of "more is different" that we believe is very much applicable to living matter: a multitude of entities with simple interaction rules will result in complex, novel, unexpected collective behavior, and biology will exploit all strategies it possibly can that are allowed by physics.
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