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Khatri Lab
mathematical modeling, numerical simulations, and experiments of fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flows

The focus of the Khatri Lab is fluid dynamics arising in the context of biological and marine phenomena, such as the transport of nutrients, organisms, and pollutants in the ocean. The goals of my research program are to push forward mathematical models and numerical methods - specifically for fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flow - to the point where they can be used to answer scientific questions in the biological sciences. 

Research areas include: fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, scientific computing, mathematical biology, partial differential equations, applications in ecology and oceanography


The Khatri Lab is always interested in motivated undergraduate and graduate students! 

We are currently searching for an experimental postdoctoral researcher, jointly with the Kleckner Lab. If you are interested, please apply at https://aprecruit.ucmerced.edu/JPF01044. The Applied Mathematics Department is also searching for two postdoctoral researchers https://aprecruit.ucmerced.edu/JPF01077. Note the energy and environment theme includes theoretical and computational fluid dynamics! 

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