Past members

Essey Afewerki

22', High School Student Researcher

Essey is interested in pursuing a career in biological engineering or molecular biology. Essey enjoys all things science, loves manipulating DNA and generated engineered parasite strains!

April Apostol

Ph.D. '16-'22, Industry Becton and Dickson

April explored how maternal inflammation and T. gondii infection during pregnancy impacts fetal stem cell development with long term impacts on cellular immune function. April was co-advised by Dr...

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Bryan Castellanos

’15-’17 Cell Biologist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bryan was one of my first undergraduates to join the lab. He is now in industry!

Andrew Curd

’16-’17 Research Associate, Vera Therapeutics, Inc

Andrew worked on T cell exhaustion in mouse models of T. gondii infection as an undergraduate researcher in the Jensen lab.

Anh Diep

’15-’17, California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Policy Fellow

As an undergraduate researcher, Anh probed the function of T. gondii ASP5 in relation to CD8 T cell activation to the parasite.

Jennifer Eggleston

'19-'21 Lab Assistant, LakePharma, Inc.

Undergraduate researcher, Jennifer Eggleston, is looking forward to pursing research in the fields of immunology and microbiology.

Alex Jeronimo


Alex is interested in all things immunology and B cells.

Brandon Justice

’15-’17 Caribou Biosciences

Brandon was an undergraduate researcher in my lab using CRISPR to edit all sorts of genes.

Angel Kongsomboonvech

Ph.D. '15-'20 Postdoc Stanford University

Angel obtianed her Ph.D. in my lab stydying how T. gondii virulence factors manipulate CD8 T cell responses.She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. and received her Master’s degree from Quinnipiac...

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