Graduate students

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Scott Souza

Ph.D. '16-'21 Research Analysist, Becton and Dickinson

Graduated from California State University Channel Islands, and then obtained a Ph.D. in my lab.  Scott investigated how B cells mediate protective immunity to T. gondii, and determined that B-1 cells...

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Angel Kongsomboonvech

Ph.D. '15-'20 Postdoc Stanford University

Angel obtianed her Ph.D. in my lab stydying how T. gondii virulence factors manipulate CD8 T cell responses.She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. and received her Master’s degree from Quinnipiac...

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April Apostol

Ph.D. '16-'22, Industry Becton and Dickson

April explored how maternal inflammation and T. gondii infection during pregnancy impacts fetal stem cell development with long term impacts on cellular immune function. April was co-advised by Dr...

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Julia Alvarez

18'-23', Ph.D.

Graduated from UC Merced. Julia is making fundamental discoveries on the GPI anchor of Toxoplasma gondii. Former President of RadioBio, and active baking blogger.
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