Manganese and iron oxide-modified activated carbon for the remediation of mercury-contaminated sediment and water


MOMAC graphic Research strategy

Graduate Students: Edwin Rivas Meraz, Danielle Jones
Collaborators: Marc Beutel, Sam Traina
Funding: Department of Energy, Environmental Management, Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program
Recent Publications:

Seelos, M., Rivas Meraz, E., Beutel, M., Traina, S.J., Furhmann, B., Burmistrova, J., Vlassopoulos, D., O’Day, P.A. (2021) Evaluation of manganese oxide amendments for mercury remediation in contaminated aquatic sediments. ACS ES&T Engineering 1(12), 1688–1697 /

Leven, A., Vlassopoulos, D., Goin,J., Kanematsu, M., and O’Day, P. A. (2018) Characterization of manganese oxide amendments for in situ remediation of mercury-contaminated sediments, Environmental Science -- Processes & Impacts 20, 1761–1773.

Vlassopoulos, D., Kanematsu, M., Goin, J., Leven, A., Henry, E., Glaser, D., Brown, S., and O’Day, P. A. (2018) Suppression of methylmercury production in sediments by manganese(IV) oxide amendments. Environmental Sciences -- Processes & Impacts 20, 1746–1760.


Mercury, nutrient, and salt biogeochemical cycling and management in San Joaquin River basin wetlands


Map of the Los Banos Wildlife Area Field site photos

Graduate Students: Stefanie Helmrich, Danielle Jones
Collaborators: Marc Beutel, Steve Hart, Nigel Quinn (LBNL)
Funding: Delta Science Council, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Recent Publications:

Helmrich, S., Alpers, C. N., Vlassopoulos, D., and O’Day, P. A. (2021) Critical review of mercury methylation and methylmercury demethylation rate constants in aquatic sediments for biogeochemical modeling. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 1-26. DOI: 10.1080/10643389.2021.2013073.


Metal speciation and health impacts of airborne particulate matter


Surface reactions on iron particles

Graduate Student: Paul Aronstein
Collaborators: Ajith Pattammattel (Brookhaven National Lab), Valerie Leppert, Henry Forman (USC). 
Recent Publications:

O’Day, P. A., Pattammattel, A., Aronstein, P., Leppert, V. J., and Forman, H. J. (2022) Iron speciation in respirable particulate matter and implications for human health, Environmental Science & Technology, 56(11), 7006–7016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c06962.

Pattammattel, A., Leppert, V. J, Aronstein, P., Robinson, M., Mousavi, A., Sioutas, C., Forman, H. J., and O’Day, P. A. (2021) Iron speciation in particulate matter (PM2.5) from urban Los Angeles using spectro-microscopy methods, Atmospheric Environment 245, 117988.

Pattammattel, A., Leppert, V.J, Zhang, H., Forman, H. J., and O’Day, P. A. (2019) Surface oxidation and iron speciation on synthetic carbon nanoparticles: A model system for particulate air pollution studies, Environmental Science -- Processes & Impacts 21, 548-563.

Zhang, H., Zhou, L., Yuen, J., Birkner, N., Leppert, V., O'Day, P. A., and Forman, H. J. (2017) Delayed Nrf2-regulated antioxidant gene induction in response to silica nanoparticles, Free Radical Biology & Medicine 108, 311-319.