Immigrant Rights as Human Rights

Golash-Boza T, Parker D. Immigrant Rights as Human Rights. In: Embrick D, Hattery A, Smith L, Embrick D, Hattery A, Smith L, editors. Globalization and America: Race, Human Rights, and Inequality. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield; 2008. pp. 107–126.
See also: All, Global Apartheid


As globalization expands, more than goods and information are traded between the countries of the world. Hattery, Embrick, and Smith present a collection of essays that explore the ways in which issues of human rights and social inequality are shared globally. The editors focus on the United States’ role in contributing to human rights violations both inside and outside its borders. Essays on contemporary issues such as immigration, colonialism, and reparations are used to illustrate how the U.S. and the rest of the world are inextricably linked in their relationships to human rights violations and social inequality. Contributors include Judith Blau, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, and Joe R. Feagin. 

Last updated on 07/17/2022