Publicly Available Code

An introduction to scientific computation in soft matter and statistical physics 

These activities were developed and presented by the Beller Group at the CREST Science and Computing Research Summer Program / CCBM Virtual Sessions. The links below are to Jupyter Python notebooks that open and run in-browser through Google's Colab platform. Each notebook contains a link to activity descriptions, designed for a high-school level and approximately 1-hour sessions.

  1. Forest fire
  2. Cahn-Hilliard Phase Separation ("Oil and Vinegar", see screenshot below)
  3. Disease Spread Model (SEIR), by Jimmy Gonzalez Nunez

Phase Separation Simulation

Code related to research and graduate education

Landau-de Gennes modeling of nematic relaxation in 2D, using Python 3.x:
and using Python 2.7:

Gradient descent demo in Mathematica: