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Resources / Research on teaching science 

RCSA's Teach Better Book

2007 Life Sciences Education article on active learning

2011 International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed article on encouraging students to read textbooks 

2014 PNAS article and commentary on active learning benefits

2015 Nature commentary on active learning

2015 National Academies Press book Reaching Students gives course strategies

Research on teaching physical chemistry

2004 J Chem Ed article on factors leading to success 

2010 J Chem Ed article on using a heuristic interpretation of QM

2012 J Chem Ed article on Writing-to-Teach

Research on helping underrepresented minorities succeed in science

2006 Science article on preparing minority scientists and engineers

2006 Science article on using a social-psychological intervention

2009 Chronicle of Higher Ed commentary on minority students at research universities

2010 Science article on values affirmation to reduce the achievement gap

2011 Social and Personality Psychology article on stereotype threat

2011 Science article on how a social-belonging intervention improves academic outcomes

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