Our Sponsors

We are grateful to the following organizations for financial sponsorship of this APS CUWiP Conference.

National Sponsors of CUWiP

Nationally, the APS CUWiP conferences are supported in part by the National Science Foundation (PHY-1346627, PHY-1622510, and PHY-2012033) and by the Department of Energy (DE-SC0011076). Further details are available on the APS conference website.

DOE-logo United States Department of Energy



NSF-logo National Science Foundation



APS American Physical Society



Sponsors of CUWiP UC Merced Site Conference

The conference at UC Merced is internally supported by the Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences, and Graduate Division. We gratefully acknowledge additional support for the conference at UC Merced from the following sponsors.

Molybdenum Molybdenum Level Sponsors (≥$3500)


U Oregon Logo                Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
University of Oregon
Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program

Niobium  Niobium Level Sponsors (≥$2500)


General Atomics Logo

UC Merced Department of Physics

  Zirconium Zirconium Level Sponsors (≥$1500)


MKS Instruments Logo      Research Corporation for Science Achievement

UC Merced Graduate Division

Yttrium Yttrium Level Sponsors (≥$500)



UC Merced School of Natural Sciences