Fresno Housing & Health Study

A Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Sierra Health Foundation grant funded study that seeks to examine the health and neighborhood effects of federal housing tax policies on public housing residents in Fresno county. Community Partner: Faith in the Valley: Fresno County


Education Trajectories & Health

A National Institutes of Health funded study investigating education trajectories (i.e., the different paths individuals take to complete their education) and how these trajectories differ by sex, race/ethnicity, and family circumstances as well as what the effects of different trajectories are on health outcomes. Collaborators: Dr. Shauntice Allen, Dr. Catherine Duarte, Dr. Maria Glymour, Dr. Virginia Howard, Dr. Robert Ream, Dr. Janet Shim, Dr. Anusha Vable

Example publications:

  • Ryan, S., Ream, R. K., Martin, M., Shim, J. K., Brooks, M. S., & Yen, I. H. (2023). Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Process(es) of Frequent K–12 Student Mobility in Urban Contexts. Education and Urban Society0(0).
  • Yen, I. H., Bennett, A., Allen, S., Vable, A., Long, D. L., Brooks, M., Ream, R. K., Crowe, M., & Howard, V. J. (2023). Childhood Residential Mobility and Mental and Physical Health in Later Life: Findings From the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study. Journal of Applied Gerontology42(8), 1859-1866.
  • Duarte, C. D., Wannier, S. R., Cohen, A. K., Glymour, M. M., Ream, R. K., Yen, I. H., & Vable, A. M. (2022). Lifecourse Educational Trajectories and Hypertension in Midlife: An Application of Sequence Analysis. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences77(2), 383–391.
  • Mackie, J. F., Shim, J. K., dP Duarte, C., Ream, R. K., & Yen, I. H. (2022). ‘I’ll Take a Year Off and Look What Happened’: How Family Caregiving Responsibilities Influence Educational Trajectories in the United States. American Journal of Qualitative Research6(3), 1-22.
  • Vable, A. M., Duarte, C. D., Wannier, S. R., Chan-Golston, A. M., Cohen, A. K., Glymour, M. M., ... & Yen, I. H. (2021). Understanding the benefits of different types and timing of education for mental health: A sequence analysis approach. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, gbab147.
  • Cohen, A. K., Nussbaum, J., Weintraub, M. L. R., Nichols, C. R., & Yen, I. H. (2020). Association of Adult Depression With Educational Attainment, Aspirations, and Expectations. Preventing chronic disease17, E94.
  • Vable, A. M., Duarte, C. D., Cohen, A. K., Glymour, M. M., Ream, R. K., & Yen, I. H. (2020). Does the type and timing of educational attainment influence physical health? A novel application of sequence analysis. American Journal of Epidemiology189(11), 1389-1401.
  • Vable, A. M., Cohen, A. K., Leonard, S. A., Glymour, M. M., dP Duarte, C., & Yen, I. H. (2018). Do the health benefits of education vary by sociodemographic subgroup? Differential returns to education and implications for health inequities. Annals of epidemiology28(11), 759-766.


Nicotine and Cannabis Policy Center

NCPC is funded by the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). Dr. Yen works as the lead of the training core aiming to address the gaps in nicotine and cannabis control efforts.


Universal Basic Income

Through collaboration with realist review experts, we seek to examine the basic income mechanisms involved in the outcomes of (1) mental well-being, (2) educational attainment, and (3) housing improvements. This paper (in progress), is the first study to identify causal mechanisms between basic income interventions (conditional and unconditional) and our outcomes of interest.