Current members

Julia Alvarez

Ph.D. candidate [5th year]

Graduated from UC Merced. Julia is interested in gene network analysis of B cells and the immune response to parasites. Former President of

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Ahmadzakaria Arjmand

Undergaduate researcher [Junior]

Ahmadzakaria is interested in CD8 T cell responses to T. gondii infection.

Neel Kaushik

Undergaduate researcher [Sophmore]

Neel has been busy editing Toxoplasma genes and infecting wild-derived mice. He is interested in host-pathogen interactions and a future career in medicine.

Sahil Malhi

Undergaduate researcher [Senior]

Sahil brings his enthusiasm to research aspects of the GPI anchor of Toxoplasma gondii.

Ferdinand Njume

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ferdinand Fnjume is a postdoctoral scholar in the Jensen lab. He comes to us from the Univeristy of Belgium where he did his Ph.D. on the surface proteins of the filarial nematode, Onchocerca volvulus...

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Juan Sanchez

Postdoctoral Scholar

Graduated with his doctoral degree from FIOCRUZ, Rio De Janeiro. Juan has a wealth of experience in the immunology of human infectious diseases, and is interested in finding a vaccine for parasites...

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Arlon Wizzard

Undergaduate researcher [Junior]

Arlon is working on immune parameters discovered from the collaborative cross that may lead to better understand of protective vaccines for parasites. Yes, this is the second Wizzard that has graced...

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