Information Operations: Attacks on Cognitive Infrastructure

July 13, 2018

Despite my plan to work through an academic paper reading backlog and post thoughts about what I’m learning, my first post is about something much more current.

Thanks to a tweet that popped up in my timeline, I learned about this Just Security post by Jonathan Morgan and Renee DiResta and, in particular, their quote of Philip Lohaus:

“Information warfare, by contrast, is an attack on cognitive infrastructure, on people themselves, on society, and on systems of information and belief.”

Why am I writing all of this? Because I’ve never thought about cyber security (or, as I prefer, information security) as an attack on our ‘cognitive infrastructure’ before, but it makes such wonderful sense. Now I have to go read a lot about cognitive science research and think about new ideas. Since I’m already most interested in the human element with respect information security, I know this is going to be an important new avenue of exploration.