Welcome! Our group engages in an interdisciplinary approach to tackle fundamental questions related to air pollution and climate change. Take a look at our research activities. We hope that you find this site informative and interesting!



[Oct 2023] We are delighted to be a member of the San Joaquin Valley Climate Resilience Center led by Dr. Markolf sponsored by the Department of Energy ($849,748).

[Sep 2023] Zeyi and Xuan visited NCAR to collaborate with Dr. Qing Ye, Dr. Brett Palm, and Dr. John Orlando to study the atmospheric fate of HOMs molecules! 

[Jul 2023] Congratulations to Kate on receiving the UCAR Next Generation Fellowship! 

[Jun 2023] Welcome Vicky to our group! She is supported by the CV PATH summer program. 

[May 2023] Dr. Zhang served as a coauthor on an article about the Integrated Chamber Atmospheric data Repository for Unified Science (ICURAS).   

[May 2023] Dr. Zhang receives the Hellman Fellowship ($40,000). 

[May 2023] We are delighted to be a member of the Center for Methane Emission Research and Innovation led by Dr. Yangquan Chen sponsored by the UC Merced Climate Action Seed grant ($1,000,000).

[Apr 2023] We are part of a team effort "Enhancing Central Valley Climate Resilience against Wildfire via AIoT Enabled Augmented Air Quality Monitoring" led by Dr. Shijia Pan that has been awarded the UC Merced Climate Action Seed grant ($648,466). 

[Jan 2023] Happy New Year and check out our first article in 2023 "Realtime measurement of phase partitioning of organic compounds" published in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques!

[Dec 2022] Check out our new publication "Probing isoprene photochemistry at atmospherically relevant nitric oxide levels" in CHEM (IF: 25.83)! Here is the UC Merced news about this study.  

[Aug 2022] Peizhi joins the lab as an Environmental System graduate researcher. Welcome!

[Aug 2022] Dr. Zhang served as a coauthor on a review article about the sciences of wildfire.   

[May 2022] Our collaboration with Dr. Ryals group receives funding support ($15,000) from Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation Initiative. 

[Mar 2022] Our collaborative work with Dr. Thornton's group at the University of Washington on the secondary organic aerosols formation and properties from catechol oxidation is published in ACS Earth and Space Chemistry! 

[Feb 2022] Our collaborative work with Dr. Wang's group at Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences on the biomass burning emissions of volatile organic compounds is published in Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere!

[Dec 2021] Our group receives a R1 fellowship ($50,000) from the UC Merced Graduate Council and Committee on Research!

[Nov 2021] Our collaborative work with Dr. Farmer's group at Colorado State University on the sequential ozone and nitrate radical oxidation of catechol is published in Environmental Sciences and Technology!

[Oct 2021] Dr. Zhang gives a presentation "Atmospheric processing of biomass burning emissions: implications for air quality and climate" to the Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry Seminar Series at UC Davis. 

[Sep 2021] Dr. Zhang gives a presentation "Toward understanding the climate and health impact of particulate matters in the air" to the Environmental System seminar at UC Merced. 

[Sep 2021] Kate and Zeyi join the lab as Environmental System graduate researchers. Welcome!

[Sep 2021] Our lab becomes a member of the San Joaquin Valley Center for Community Air Assessment and Injustice Reduction sponsored by the State of California Attorney General ($1,222,460).

[Aug 2021] Our Lab is awarded an NSF Grant ($488,407) to study the atmospheric lifecycle of highly oxygenated organic compounds!

[Jul 2021] Dr. Zhang attends the Early Career Geoscience Faculty Workshop by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and National Science Foundation. 

[Jul 2021] Dr. Zhang is Invited to the Wildfire and Biosphere Innovation Lab sponsored by the National Science Foundation. 

[May 2021] Our collaborative work with Dr. Zhang's group at UC Riverside on the a-pinene ozonolysis chemistry is published in Environmental Sciences and Technology!

[Nov 2020] Our collaborative work with Dr. Thornton's group at the University of Washington on the brown carbon in fire plumes is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America!

[Oct 2020] Check out our new publication "Atmospheric processing of nitrophenols and nitrocresols from biomass burning emissions" in Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere!

[Sep 2020] Our collaborative work with Dr. Michalski's group at Purdue University on the nitrogen isotope fractionation in the atmosphere is published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics!