Current Graduate Students

abigail_bolter.jpg Abigail Bolter is a fifth year PhD Candidate. She earned her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and as an undergraduate she researched plagiarism and other academic misconduct. As a graduate student, Abigail is interested in adolescents transitioning into adulthood, shared responsibility between parents and children, and cultural differences in expectations of adolescents.




Erica Hanes Erica Hanes is a first-year graduate student. She received her BA in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University. During her time at PSU, she researched aspects of culture and diversity among Latino/a adolescents. Erica is excited to continue to explore culture, specifically prosocial behavior among immigrants and undocumented persons.





Katey Workman Katey Workman is a first-year graduate student. She received her B.A. (English Literature), B.S. (Human Development) and M.A. (Marriage, Family, and Human Development) from Brigham Young University. Her research has focused primarily on early and emerging adult prosocial behavior as well as mental health outcomes. Katey is eager to learn more about the role of culture in the enactment of prosocial behavior and their collective contribution to resilience. She continues to co-own and operate a mental health clinic in Utah.