Current Projects



Family Communication About Type 1 Diabetes (FCD): We are partnering with Valley Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to conduct a study to learn more about how families who have a child or adolescent (ages 10-15) with type 1 diabetes manage conflicts and emotions related to managing chronic illness. This project is in collaboration with Professors Deb Wiebe and Linda Cameron in Health Psychology, Dr. Nedim Cakan at Valley Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Jennifer Raymond at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.







Valley Teens as Parents (VTAP): This project is funded by First 5 Merced County and investigates the relationship between teen parents and their own parents and how this dynamic influences the development of teen parents’ young children. This project is in collaboration with the UC Merced Interpersonal Development Lab and the Center for Early Cognition and Language. We will also work closely with the UC Merced Alliance for Child and Family Health and DevelopmentTeen Success Inc., & Fresno Barrios Unidos on this project