Group Members

The Merg lab recognizes that research is a global endeavor that strives to improve the quality of life for people from all parts of the world. We welcome researchers from all backgrounds, with the understanding that each individual affords unique perspectives that (when collected together) can support a lab that is productive and capable of pushing the boundaries of materials research.       

Merg lab 10.22.23

Current Members

Anthony Perez  

Anthony Perez, Graduate Student, Joined 2020
B.S. Chemistry - University of California, Los Angeles

Amanda Padam

Amanda Padam, Graduate Student, Joined 2024
M.Sc. Sacramento State University


Alisa Ioffe, Undergraduate Student, Joined 2024
Major: Biological Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology



Bita Soleimani Pourlak , Graduate Student, Joined 2023
M.Sc. Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon, Iran


Adekunle Adewole, Graduate Student, Joined 2023
B.S. Chemistry - Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria



Yumie Lee (undergraduate researcher, 2021-2024; Current Position: graduate student, UC San Diego)
Parian Poorjafari Jafroodi (graduate student, 2023-2024; Current Position: Nguyen Lab at UC Merced)
Diliveya Enwaya (undergraduate researcher, 2021-2023)
Dr. Debasis Ghosh (postdoctoral researcher, 2022-2023; Current Position: Team Leader, Alembic Pharmaceuticals India)
Siena Akira Murillo (ACS SEED student, Summer 2023)
Caitlynn Jones (ACS SEED student, Summer 2023)
Zon F. Moua (ACS SEED student, Summer 2022; Current Position: undergraduate student at Harvard University)
Emil Samson (M.S. Student, 2021-2022; Current Position: Associate Chemist, Medtronic)
Douglas Zhang (graduate student, 2021-2023; Current Position: graduate student in the Martini lab)
Nayeli Perez (undergraduate researcher, 2021-2023)