Welcome to the Chiao group website.

Our lab is equipped to perform experiments at cryogenic temperatures. Our capabilities include two large sample-space Triton200 dilution refrigerators capable of cooling down to 30 mK (-273.12 C) and can apply magnetic fields up to 0.3 T. We have the capability to fully characterized radio frequency (RF) devices up to 20 GHz. We also design, fabricate, and chemically process surfaces of niobium x-band superconducting RF (SRF) cylindrical cavities. In addition, we can preform interferometric displacement measurements at the sub-nanometer scale, sputter 'dirty' thin niobium films with transition temperatures ~1K, and perform small-scale (~1 cm^2) quick-turnaround-time cryogenic experiments at 4K with our cryogenic liquid helium dewars.