Academic Publications

June 2022 -- Re-Framing Resilience to Promote Care (Not Conformity), with Eileen Camfield, James Barnes, Taylor Fugere, Jamie Moore & Maria Loyola Ramirez. Interactive workshop at Elon University's 18th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference.

March 2022 -- Resilience as Resistance, not Replication, with Eileen Camfield, Taylor Fugere, and Jamie Moore. 'Dialogue for Learning' at American Association of Colleges and Universities: Diversity, Equity, and Student Success Conference.

March 2022 --  Cultivating Student Resilience to Resist Institutional Replication, with Eileen Camfield, James Barnes, Taylor Fugere, and Maria Loyola Ramirez. Article in Hybrid Pedagogy 

January 2021 -- Resilience: It Takes More Than Grit, with Eileen Camfield, James Barnes, Taylor Fugere, Alfredo Gaona, and Maria Loyola Ramirez. Presentaion at American Association of Colleges & Universities Annual Conference. 

May 2021: Equity-Advancing Showcase on Education As the culminating event of a year-long multi-disciplinary learning community, the purpose of EASE was to explore a variety of topics associated with successfully supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom and other learning spaces (e.g., decolonizing pedagogy and effective teaching strategies that facilitate transformative learning for our diverse student population). Several of the RRG members were invloved in the event.