2020 Western Psychological Association (virtual conference)

Impact of Perceived Stress, Worry and Burnout On Sleep Quality

Presented by: Giovanni Alvarado

Our study examined whether perceived stress, burnout, and worry independently predict sleep quality. We found that perceived stress and worry had weak positive correlations with overall sleep quality, whereas burnout had a weak negative correlation. Perceived stress and worry had a significant independent correlation with sleep quality. This suggests that burnout may overlap with the other stress variables and thus is not a unique type of stress that predicts sleep.

APA Citation:

Alvarado, G., Gavrilova, L., Zawadzki, M.J. (October 2020) The Relation Between Perceived Stress, Burnout and Worry on Sleep Quality. Poster presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, California, United States.


Differences in Emotional Reactivity after Exposure in Stress among Adults

Presented by: Stephanie Reyes

Stephanie examined whether the relationship between stress and emotional reactivity varied based on age. Stress exposure was modestly related to more anxiety, sadness, and anger, whereas stress intensity demonstrated stronger effects. Age did not moderate stress exposure or intensity on any outcome. This study demonstrated that different types of stress influence an individual's emotions, but age, at least among this working and younger sample, did not impact findings. 

APA Citation: 

Reyes, S., Gavrilova, L., Zawadzki, M.J. (2020, October 28-31). Differences in emotional reactivity after exposure to stressful life events among adults [Oral presentation]. Western Psychological Association 100th Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA, United States. https://westernpsych.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/WPA-Program-2020.pdf