2021 Society for Behavioral Medicine (virtual conference)

Presentation by Amber Arroyo

Amber Apps targeting health behaviors (mHealth apps) using behavior change techniques (BCTs) have been successful in promoting healthy behaviors, yet the efficacy of sleep apps is unclear. This study systematically reviewed peer-reviewed studies that utilized BCTs within an mHealth app to improve sleep. Most studies reported positive sleep outcomes, and there were no negative effects reported, suggesting overall effectiveness in the published literature. The average number of BCTs used was 7.64. The most commonly used BCTs were Feedback & monitoring, Shaping knowledge, Goals & planning, and Antecedents. Results of this study provide a foundation to examine the use of BCTs in apps for sleep in both academic and industry contexts.

Arroyo, A. C., & Zawadzki, M. J. (2021, April 12-16). A systematic review of behavior change techniques in mHealth apps for sleep [Research talk]. Society of Behavioral Medicine 42nd Annual Meeting. https://www.sbm.org/meetings/2021