Susette Moyers

I am a Ph.D. candidate in psychological sciences with an emphasis in health psychology. My research focuses on psychological and physiological aspects of stress and coping, health outcomes related to these processes, and how lifestyle/health-related behaviors, especially physical activity and sleep, impact these relationships across populations. I am also interested in the psychological processes of health behavior change, especially physical activity initiation, maintenance, and habit formation. Currently, I manage the SHARPP Lab and I am involved with an array of research projects at various stages. Specifically, one of the projects that I am working on looks at the impact that loneliness and perceived stress have on coping processes during the COVID-19 pandemic in the general population in the U.S. and Australia. I am also working to complete my dissertation; a meta-analysis examining the relationship between physical activity participation and two parameters of HPA-axis regulation, the diurnal cortisol slope and the cortisol awakening response, as well as candidate moderators of the relationship. In my spare time, I enjoy lifting weights, outdoor fitness activities (hiking, cycling, rollerblading), and spending time with friends and family.